Module 1


A way back to the body. The body as a starting point.

It is in our body that we find the space and the presence that leads to a relational connection. We propose multiple possibilities to experience a state of active mindfulness. Including simple practices in our daily life, we can make use of immediate access keys to generative states.

Walking along three main paths that combine breathing, movement, visualization, sound and our voice, we want to open fields of possibilities to produce tangible changes in our state of consciousness.

Vinyasa Trance

In the tradition of Indian Yoga, vinyasa refers to the action of synchronizing breathing and movement. We have realized that this simple act easily leads to a trance of presence and mindful attention. We invite you to explore simple vinyasa sequences that anybody can practice regardless of her/his physical condition.

CMR – Creative Movement Repertoire

Based on the 5 elemental energies – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Space (Ether / Akash) combined with the ideas of the Axis, the Center and the Field, we invite our body to find its own somatic models to access resources. We intend to “learn from the body in motion” to later be able to combine and sequence these body postures and movements (somatic models) in ways that allow us to access specific resource states.

Taigong (with Germán Pesaro)

We will be exploring a combination of essential models from different Chinese internal practices: Tai chi, Pakua, Chi kung, Yichuan. We are going to focus on psychopysical work to awaken latent potentials in the body to increase flow, perception and enjoyment. It’s a path towards understanding the mind-body relationship.

Additional Vinyasa Trance and Taigong practice sessions included


Daniel Oil

Matias Ortolá

Germán Pesaro


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Camilo Bartolini